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Core Progression Workout Log

Core Workout Log

The workout log is an exciting and important part of the Core Progression Program that you will have access to immediately once you sign up. Here are some of the things that the Workout Log does for you.
  • Core Progression Start Workout ButtonTime your workouts: Time your Core Progression workouts by starting and stopping the workout log clock using the buttons built into the Core progression video interface
  • Gym Workouts: Log workouts that you perform that are not part of the Core Progression program
  • Workout Calendar: View calendar dates of the workouts you have performed
  • Workout Graphs: View a duration graph of workouts performed within the selected date range that you specify
  • Feedback: The workouts you log are monitored by a professionally trained personal trainer who is available to give you extra tips and feedback regarding your workout schedule and perseverance.
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