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Member Testimonials

Our Members' Success and Testimonials

Core Progression has given people a fantastic resource for getting in shape and improving every aspect of their physical capabilities and performance. See below to hear their stories and testimonials yourself!

If you have a testimonial you would like to share, please contact us by sending an email with your testimonial!

Member Testimonials

"It's not always about the weight, thanks to Jon and Core Progression, I'm wearing a belt! The strength of my core muscles is working! Thanks Jon!!!"

Diana B. - Age 59

I just started Core Progression and I never though working my stomach would be so fun..I usually hate to work my stomach because doing sit ups hurts my lower back but now I can strengthen my core and make my waist lin dream come true

"As a mother of three, it's hard to get back in shape after having kids. Thanks to Jon and Core Progression, I feel like I have found the person I used to be and making her even better! Any mother can attest that your abs and your core are the most difficult part to strengthen, but this program has changed that for me. I look forward to keeping that strength and making it better with CORE PROGRESSION!!

Sara M. - Age 28

"In high school and college I was in phenomenal shape from riding my bike to and from school and from intensive volleyball training. Once I graduated however, I got an office job and all the effort I made to stay in shape and stay competitive in sports suddenly vanished. I looked in the mirror at my chubs and I thought "I look like my Dad." But Core Progression brought my body back, and now I am looking good without hours and hours of physical training."

Jeremy H. - Age 25

"Strong CORE and AB muscles are AWESOME!! Thanks Jon and YES TO CORE PROGRESSION!!!"

Elana Hawkey - Age 29

I'm a commerical pilot and sitting in the cockpit for long flights I would get frequent back pain. So I tried many different products to try and strengthen my core. Nothing seemed to do the trick but after using Core Progression I can now fly pain free. I have also noticed that I have lost inches in my waist line. I love the convience of being able to do my Core workouts in the different hotels as I am always traveling. Thanks Core Progression for keeping my back strong.

Barb - Age 27

Since using Core Progression I have been in better shape now in my 50's and 60's than I was in my 20's and 30's. I have new found energy for activities that I once thought I couldn't do. Not only has my waist line trimed up but I don't suffer from back pain. It has helped improve my golf game as well as cycling. Core Progression is very user friendly with all age groups. The progressions are perfect just as I think I've mastered one they next one keeps me challanged. Thanks Core Progression!

Peter - Age 60

Being a mother of 6 I thought I would never be able to acheive the body that I had before becoming a mom, then I found Core Progression. After Using Core Progression it has allowed me to drop 2 dress sizes, and have the energy to keep up with my kids. Also I love the convenience Core Progression provides. I don't have to go to the gym to still get my core exercises in. I can do them from home which allows me to keep an eye on my kids.

Jennifer - Age 50

I lost 5 inches in my waist and hips in only 5 weeks of using Core Progression. I love how the different exercises keep me from hitting a plateau. Good work Jon and Core Progression.

Avis - Age 52

I'm a P.E teacher and I love the Core Progression system, not only can I use it for myself personally, but my kids love it. It allows me to intergrate technology in my classroom and provide a great warm up for any activity. All major movement stems from the core, and teaching my kids how to exercise it properly really will make a difference for them. Core Progression you Rock!!

Miranda - Age 24

I was recently in an a car accident and incurred injuries to my neck and back. I began going to physical therapy twice a week. I would feel better momentarily, but the pain would always return. I started to use Core Progression and quickly noticed a reduction in pain even after the first week. While strengthening my core and back muscles I also noticed I was straining less on my neck. Core progression has really changed my day to day activities and brought joy to what used to seem like a challenge everyday!

Theresa - Age 54

Senior prom was just around the corner and I needed to loose some inches for my dress. Thanks to Core Progression not only did I loose about an inch and a half in my waist line I was also able to tone up my bottom as well! I was able to have a confident evening thanks to Core!

Brittany - Age 17

"I wanted to acknowledge the attainment of your website. As a student going to school for Court Reporting, the hours of sitting in a chair can get rough, especially for someone who already gets back pain. After beginning my membership with Core Progression, I’ve noticed an immense endurance improvement throughout my days at school. Your work-outs have also doubtlessly eliminated back pain and I believe will deter me from any back injury like I have had before. Having these muscles toned definitely helps me perform all physical activities at a better state.

Core Progression has motivated me to be dedicated to working on my body and my health as a whole. And I am Suuuuper happy that your exercises let me work on my bottom as well:) And I’m just getting started!

Staci Roberts

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