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Our core workout system is based on avoiding the "plateau" that everyone hits after doing the same work out routine repeatedly and continuously. If you join now, you will have the knowledge you need to switch up your workouts, and join those who have let Core Progression Workout System™ give them an extra ability to continually progress and see new results.

By joining now you will have instant access to the features included with the physical benefits of this workout program! You will never have to go to new sources for new workouts, because Core Progression Workout System™ has them all in one convenient location.

Membership includes:
  • New weekly instructional core workout videos you can view online
  • No repeated workout routines to give your body new challenges
  • Ability to download workout videos directly to your computer or Ipod
  • Access to your personal trainer conveniently at your fingertips
  • Resources and information on all areas of health and fitness
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