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Welcome to My Core Progression

Welcome to My Core Progression

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Have you ever been in a situation where you want to get into shape, and you are working hard on core exercises, but your core progress stops showing? Have you continued to try harder, reading fitness magazines and searching for the next new core workout video, but are only left feeling disappointed by the small effect these tips and repetitive core workouts do for your body?

Sample Core Progression Video

Core Progression was developed so the core of your body — the area around your trunk and pelvis — will never plateau and never stop progressing again! With reliable and elite fitness information and core workouts, Core Progression will transform your entire fitness level with access to all new core workouts.

FREE Two Week Trial!

Take advantage of the Core Progression program by signing up for our FREE two week trial membership! Our membership package includes:
  • New weekly instructional core workout videos you can view online
  • No repeated core workouts to ensure your body is always challenged
  • Ability to download core workout videos directly to your computer or Ipod
  • Access to your personal trainer conveniently at your fingertips
  • Resources and information on all areas of health and fitness
  • Logo for the Workout LogWorkout log allows you to time your workouts and keep track of fitness routines you do besides the Core Progression program to make it easier for you to track your progress
To take advantage of this offer, simply join our community by completing the registration information, and you will instantly receive two weeks of free professional core workout training.

My Core Progression In the News

FOX 31

FOX 31 featured My Core Progression founder, Jon Cerf, along side certified fitness instructor Joana Canals to show ways to get rid of that holiday belly fat. They also dealt with some workout myths and truths, and talked about the importance of core strength.

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Mile High News

Mile High News highlights Jon's idea to create a workout program that would be portable and practical for people who lived out of a suitcase or constantly lugged their laptop around. The workouts would be short and easy enough to do in a hotel room, during a child's naptime or at lunch.

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